Certified TriYoga instructor®

Basics - Level 3 i.A.

(being.)YOGA since 2001



TriYoga, Jivamukti, Yoga der Energie, Vinyasa Flow, Yinyoga, Iyengar, Astanga, Prana Flow, etc.





Kaliji, Kim Beecher, Mark Whitwell, Shiva Rea, Patrick Broom, Anna Trökes, Eva Maria Beck, Tarini Richards, Annie Carpenter, Vinnie Marino, Angelika Gärber, u.v.m.





+ Kindergartenpädagogin

+ Master Degree - Art History & German Literature

+ Artist/Musician/Queen of the Underground [son of the velvet rat]


"The purpose of art & yoga is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."

adapted from a quote attributed to

Pablo Picasso 

© 2014 by Heike Binder - Altziebler. (c) Photos by Wolfgang Hummer. Photographed @ YoDa, Graz photo